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Chris ScottHanson Urban Cohousing Associates, Inc. Fifth Street Commons Author of: The Cohousing Handbook - Building a Place for Community You’re probably tired of hearing about smaller units, standardization, simple unit plans, modest finishes, all with the goal of achieving more...
Views since 5/2014: 4,888
One of the things I am most proud of is the way Jamaica Plain Cohousing has continued to prioritize affordability goals. When we moved in (2005) 14 of our 30 units were sold to 'low and moderate' income families - according to the HUD guidelines on affordability. We accomplished this goal in many...
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In our quest to expand cohousing, Coho/US has long recognized two major challenges: (1) accessing financing and (2) creating more affordable models. This month, Coho/US made headway in addressing both, establishing a formal collaboration with Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing. Pooling our reach...
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Ellen Orleans, Wild Sage, Boulder, Colorado Sustainability is about more than environmentally friendly appliances, sustainably harvested lumber, and organic farming; it’s also about the overall satisfaction of people. Can they sustain a high enough level of involvement in the civic life of the...
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