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In the summer here at Heartwood, common meals become more casual. Lots of people come and go on trips, so spontaneous gatherings often occur to welcome home weary travelers. The grill gets fired up, and people come to the terrace with something to contribute. This recipe for Roasted Corn and Black...
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Our Sunday mornings lately have begun with kale, cauliflower, and heaps of carrots. Once a week, our neighbors gather to harvest veggies from our local community supported agriculture (CSA) farm. It is a worker-share arrangement, so each member contributes a couple hours of time each week or  pays...
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One of Heartwood’s younger contingents enjoys a spring brunch outdoors. I want to thank those of you who have sent me recipes. I really appreciate it and will try to use them in future articles. I still need many more, so don’t be shy! This month, I want to share one of the more popular meals-of...
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Mary’s Sesame Noodles was a hit at a recent Friday night potluck. This month I have a great sesame noodle recipe that can be served hot, warm or cold. It’s easy, inexpensive and a whole meal by itself. This recipe comes from Mary, one of our members who keeps busy with two teenage kids and doesn...
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Dinner at Ecovillage at Ithaca My plan with this column is to feature recipes from cohousing communities around the world to create a cookbook we can all use, with the proceeds going to the Cohousing Association. If that idea seems worthwhile to you, please take a moment to send me your favorite...
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